Hazardous Waste

Our dedicated team follows strict protocols for collection, handling, and disposal to minimize environmental impact. We prioritize responsible waste management, adhering to all relevant regulations and ensuring that hazardous waste is handled safely, protecting both the environment and the community.
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Find the Right Product for Your Needs.!

Discover your ideal product among our diverse range, tailored to meet your unique needs and enhance your well-being.

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The company operations do not generate much solid/hazardous waste material. Small quantities of dust collection, consumables like hand gloves-caps-masks etc. become available for disposal. The following measures have been taken by the company:
PDH Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd has entered into an agreement with Waste Management, which are EPA Punjab licensed companies, vide memorandum of understanding for waste management services.
The quantities of the above mentioned solid waste materials are collected and sent for incineration to WASTE MANAGEMENT after due intervals. The regular consignments had been sent for incineration and waste disposal as per requirement.

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