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In-Service Training at PDH Pharmaceuticals ensures continuous professional development for our team. Through interactive sessions and workshops, we equip our employees with the latest knowledge and skills, fostering growth and excellence.
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Discover your ideal product among our diverse range, tailored to meet your unique needs and enhance your well-being.

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Training has been identified as the key area for updating the skills and WHO-cGMP knowledge of personnel engaged in various activities at the site. An orientation program exists for every newly recruited employee. The main purpose is to provide the necessary information about the working of the company and its different departments. Every recruited employee is provided with an orientation plan in which different days are allocated to different departments. As per the plan, the employee spends whole day in the respective department to become familiar with general working, responsibilities, and interactions with other departments.

The core focus of orientation is to assess the activities that require the collaboration of the employee’s department with other departments. After completion of the orientation program, the employee prepares a report which comprises of general introduction, personnel, responsibilities, processes, and departments of the organization. The report must be submitted by the employee to the respective head of the departments within three days after completion of orientation.  For assessment, maintenance, and improvement of the competency level of the newly recruited employees of any department to perform the job effectively and efficiently. Admin/ HR Departments are responsible to control the activity by initiation and
completion of in-service training on time. Concerned Section In-charge or Head of the Department ensures completion of In-service training according to specified period of time.

For Competency evaluation specification of knowledge and skill of performance required in the workplace, In Service / On Job Training (OJT) Record” is used for employees. On the first day of joining a new employee, the respective Section In-charge/ Head of the Department and Admin / HR will identify the minimum competency required for the specific position on the In-Service / On Job Training Record.

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At PDH Pharmaceuticals, in-service training plays a pivotal role in continuous professional development. Our interactive workshops and informative sessions ensure our team stays equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, fostering growth, excellence, and delivering top-notch pharmaceutical products and services.

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